About Us

Cecil Eiserer, owner and general contractor, began his passion for building when he was a young man growing up in Texas City, Texas. He began working as a laborer where he learned a great deal of knowledge for both the trade and life skills. Years later, hard work is what he expects from others to do the best at what they do in this industry. Cecil and his crew put in many hours and are known for what they can accomplish in a short amount of time. We are blessed to have a crew that has talent in so many areas and all share the same passion. After graduating from high school in Carrollton, Missouri he followed the foot steps of his father as an operator for the local union. It didn't take long for him to realize that building with his hands was what he needed to be doing. He operated solely on his own until 2004 when CEC Eiserer Construction LLC was established between the partnership of Cecil and Sharona.

Sharona Eiserer, graduated high school in Carrollton, Missouri, recieved a Bachelor of Science in Tourism and a minor in Marketing from Central Missouri State University in 2001, and later received a Masters degree in Education in 2005.  After teaching for four-years she joined Cecil full-time running the operations of the family business.


In 2011, Cecil and Sharona expanded to the West Coast with Eiserer Development Inc. to build and remodel various Pizza Huts in the San Diego, California area. Cecil attended contractors school in San Diego, and now carries Class B license contractor certification in the State of California.


Together Cecil and Sharona were blessed with two beautiful and happy children. Porter and Cecily are not hesitant to pick up a broom and help clean, grab materials and head to the job, or open gates to feed the cattle. In order to keep things moving along the two little ones help out wherever they can.